A Student’s Guide to
Danbury, Connecticut

Danbury Museum Restorations

You can visit the Danbury Museum on Main Street to visit these historical buildings.  Click on the building to learn more.

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Places to visit in Danbury:

Octagon House:

The eight-sided Octagon House was built in 1852 by John Earle. It is located on 21 Spring Street. People thought that the house would be easier to heat and have better lighting. In the 1850’s thousands of octagon homes were constructed. Today, the Octagon House is used as an apartment building.

Old Jail:

Originally the town jail, this old building has been renovated. It is now our Senior Citizen Center. Our older citizens can meet friends, take interesting classes, or spend a quiet afternoon. They also have shared their memories of Danbury with us. Find more photos of the Old Jail on the Danbury City website and more information about the Senior Citizen’s Center on their website.

City Hall:

In 1965, Danbury City Hall was built on the corner of Deer Hill Avenue and West Street. All of the offices that involve city government are located here. The City Hall is a place where residents can go to pay taxes, get a building permit, or even find a copy of their birth certificate. The most important person you can find working in City Hall is the mayor of Danbury.

Tarrywile Mansion and Park:

The Tarrywile Mansion was once owned by the Parks family and was built in 1897. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. Today it is part of a beautiful city park. The mansion is used for parties and weddings. Many people like to walk the many trails through the woods in the park.

Candlewood Lake:

Candlewood Lake used to be a small stream called Wood Creek. It was originally built to help produce electricity to nearby towns. A beautiful lake was created in the process where you can ride boats, bikes, have a picnic, and swim! Go to the Candlewood Lake website to learn about it’s history, or to the Candlewood Lake information on this site.

Elmwood Park:

Did you know that Elmwood Park was originally the Danbury town green? It was a very popular spot where many town activities were held. The park was renovated on September 16, 1998. It is considered to be a “walking park.” Elmwood Park is located in downtown Danbury on Main Street.

Soldier’s Monument:

The Soldier’s Monument was constructed in 1880. It stands at the intersection of Main and West Streets, known as City Hall Square. The soldier figure is composed of Italian marble and it sits on top of a granite column embroidered with the names of famous battle sites.

Danbury Public Library:

The Danbury Public Library is located on the corner of Main and West Street. This building is the product of the reconstruction project of 1996. In May of 1996, the library was ruined in a fire. It took 6 months to rebuild. They opened the doors to the public in September of the same year. In May of 1998, a technology center was added to the library for public use. The Library holds many programs and activities for children and adults in the city of Danbury.

Danbury War Memorial:

The War Memorial was built in 1952. The building was designed in honor of the men who fought in World War I and II. There are numerous monuments in front of the building that represent the many soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the war. The building has a gym and fitness center inside that is open for city residents to utilize.

Danbury Railway Museum:

The Danbury Railway Museum is located on White Street. The original train station was built in 1903 for the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad. It included an engine house, freight house, round house and a train turntable.

The museum offers a showcase of toy trains for visitors to view. You can take a tour of the museum and walk through a variety of old train cars. For those of you who would like to watch how a train operates, you can call and find a time to visit the museum

Still River:

The Still River is one of the reasons that settlers came to this area to found a town. It is 19 miles long and goes from Danbury to New Milford. After the flood of 1955, the course of the river was changed to prevent additional flooding in downtown Danbury.

Danbury Fair Mall:

The Danbury Fair Mall is located where the Danbury Fair once stood. The hand-painted, two-tiered merry-go-round is a sight for all to see. There are plenty of shops as well as a variety of places to eat. Keep your eyes open for the numerous black and white photographs of the Old Danbury Fair displayed throughout the mall.


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